Paint the Roses Red

In this DVD, you will learn a collection of LLV’s working effects that are easy to do and insanely powerful. If that wasn’t enough, you also have access to a 45 minute roundtable discussion between LLV and Dee Christopher on subtleties and techniques that you can add into your own performances to make them more powerful and effective.

The hard copy dvd is now sold out. However, you can stream this title by clicking the button below.

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Contains some strong language but even stronger magic!

You can watch the full performances of every effect taught on the DVD here.

As well as all of the material taught and the roundtable discussion, we’ve also included 4 PDF files on the disc to expand on some of the effects and subtleties taught; You will learn to tell instantly whether your spectator is left or right handed, how to sense when a phone is about to ring and how to create false memories with a little known visualization technique.

Watch Lewis floor The Wizard Product Review team (from ten minutes in):

Stream it (£14.99)