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The ultimate party trick for social media and live performances!

Here’s exactly how it looks:

  • You pick up a can and pour out any liquid
  • You have a borrowed coin signed by the spectator
  • You throw the coin directly through the wall of the can, performing a mid-air penetration!

The mouth of the can can be sealed prior to the penetration and once the trick is over, everything can be thoroughly examined.

You will learn a powerful, workable method that has been refined over a decade of live performances by the creator Dalton Wayne.*

This highly visual effect is perfect for your social media or virtual shows but is equally jaw-dropping in the real-world. How it looks on the demo video is exacty how it looks in real life!

While there is a tiny amount of set up, it means that you don’t have to use any duplicate coins. One coin and one can are all that are in play during the effect.

There are no switches or unnatural movements. If you can throw a coin at a can, you can perform this mind blowing effect.

We shot Osmo in a 9:16 vertical format to make it ideal for streaming to your phone or tablet. OSMO is optimised for mobile learning so you can get your magic fix on the go, wherever you are in the world.

* Please note: This effect was shot during lockdown 2020, therefore there is no live performances.

6 reviews for Osmo – Dalton Wayne

  1. Orlando Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is great. Simple but very visual! About a 30 sec prep beforehand but so easy to do. You won’t regret it. Great job guys.

  2. Philip Kite (verified owner)

    A brilliant take on this type of effect.
    Clean and direct.
    Very simple and quick set up. Ideal for parties and social gatherings.
    Will definitely be using this one.
    Video is well shot and instruction is clear.
    Great thinking and great price.

  3. David Macpherson (verified owner)

    Osmo is perfect for social media, virtual shows and social gatherings. I will definitely be using this one.

    The aspect ratio this, and other The 1914 videos are filmed in is perfect for watching on your phone an Dee covers everything in just the right amount of detail.

  4. Jester Styles

    The thinking behind this is great, it’s quick to prep, safe to perform and easy to do. The really exceptional thing about this version is all the little subtleties that Dee covers in the download. Giving you the confidence to perform this in the real world.
    This will be great on social media, but it’s true value will be found in performing it live at parties and events!
    If anything it’s too cheap!

    really easy step by step instructions in clear video!
    You’re going to want to start playing with this straight away!

  5. Terry Tyson (verified owner)

    Max Malini would approve, magic with an ordinary object at any given time. This could be scripted or performed silent. You could seriously walk into any venue that uses metal cans and pull this off. I am primarily a mentalist, but plan on doing this now and again, just because it will offer your audience a moment in which reality is turned inside out. I want to walk into a venue or gathering and only a few words, do this and walk away.

    What is especially nice is that the video instruction is well shot, sound is great and the actual instructions are very clear. Good value.

  6. Nikos V (verified owner)

    Completely amazing!3 very powerful versions of this trick.Dee took Dalton Wayne’s OSMOSIS and reached it to new heights!I really want to perform this trick!

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