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Alexander Marsh teaches everything you need to know to excel on stage!

The Art of Stagecraft presents a detailed series of lessons that unlocks the secrets to becoming one of the world’s most exciting professions; the stage mentalist.

This is not a course that focusses tricks; this is an entire masterclass in building a stage act, performing it and getting it seen by thousands of people.

Taught by the headline act for one of the world’s most successful magic tours, this course contains immense value for magicians and mentalists of all skill levels. For beginners, this is your blueprint for becoming the stage performer you’ve always aspired to be and for seasoned professionals, this course will give you a new lens to examine, refine and improve your existing stage acts.

Lessons include:

Your Internal Process

The importance of solidifying your “process”; How the way you want your audiences to perceive you will ultimately shape every artistic decision you make.


Alex explores different personas and offers insightful advice on how to discover and settle on a persona that’s right for you.


Alex proves you don’t need to be a good writer to come up with great scripts for your acts.

Structuring Effects, Routines and Shows

Alex likens the structure of a good trick to the structure of a good joke; they share some fascinating similarities that will help you better construct not only your individual tricks but larger routines and even entire stage shows!

Blocking and Rehearsing

At the risk of looking insane to any onlookers, Alex offers practical advice on rehearsing material in your kitchen or living room. Follow Alex as he rehearses a routine that remains a staple of his paid performances to this day.

Microphone Technique

Traditionally learnt exclusively through (bad) experiences, Alex teaches a very important yet overlooked skill that is rarely spoken about by magicians – how to properly use a microphone!


Alex discusses the age-old dilemma of what to open your act with.

Getting the Gig

Whether you’re a beginner with no stage experience or performer with many shows under your belt, Alex imparts excellent wisdom to help you secure more shows

Public Relations

How to promote your gigs when you get them. In arguably the most information-packed section of the course, Alex will guide you through interacting with journalists for newspapers, show you how to navigate the modern obstacles of performing on the radio and demonstrate how to blow people away on live television!

And so much more!

Our goal with the new TAO series is not to teach you effects or routines, it’s to teach you how to be a better magician.

Over the course of filming, we learnt so much from listening to Alex talk and we’re extremely confident you will too! Whether you’ve never stepped out on a stage before, or you’re on stage every week, you’ll find immense value in this product.

Each lesson has its own discussion section so you can interact personally with Alexander Marsh and the other students.

Professional Endorsements

Alex is one of my favourite mentalists. He knows more about presenting entertaining mentalism for real world audiences than almost anyone else I know.

Ian Rowland

It’s hard to find your own voice in mentalism without sounding like you’re trying to copy Derren Brown but you succeeded splendidly.

Martin S Taylor (the Hypnotist who inspired Derren Brown)

Alex proves how to construct and present contemporary mentalism in such a way that is entertaining, clear, well thought-through and unlike so many publications actually used in the real world. His creations are those of a man who does this stuff nightly for humans

Marc Spelmann

4 reviews for TAO Stagecraft – Alexander Marsh

  1. Bran Crow (verified owner)

    I know that I am going to watch this many, many times and learn or pick up something new each time. There is far too much here to review. I highly recommend not skipping sections and watching it in full the first time you watch it and then going back and reviewing the parts that you need.

  2. David Sheehan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this! I have done many acting courses to try and get a lot of the information that is here to no avail and how Alexander expalins everything is so clear. You will be a better performer and self promoter after watching this!

  3. Ace Spader (verified owner)

    I have never received so much value for so little money before! Worth every penny and more… I’m out of words, with the amount of valuable information in this. So clear and important! Very happy I bought this, thank you Alexander Marsh ♠️

  4. Frankie Creyaufmiller (verified owner)

    A must for the beginner to the master Magicain. So much knowledge from a working Magicain that takes it in ways you never thought of. The download is divided in sections for easy use and you can go back to the topics you need more work. Even if you been preforming for years there is something in here for us all. We’ll worth the time to watch over and over. Well done.

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