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Back by popular demand!

True Mysteries contains breakthrough principles which, when applied to your existing repertoire, will power-charge the magic you perform beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible without hypnosis.

This is as close to real mind control your spectators are ever likely to witness!

Previously only available as an expensive limited-edition package and sold out in stores worldwide, the modern classic True Mysteries is now available for instant streaming directly from The 1914.

True Mysteries will give you impossible demonstrations of propless mentalism. Whether you are a magician or a mentalist, you will learn something that you immediately want to implement.

  • Imagine being able to remove your participant’s ability to speak
  • Imagine being able to take away your participant’s strength
  • Imagine being able to make your participant stuck to whatever they’re holding
  • Imagine being able to plant playing cards in your participant’s mind
  • Imagine being able to change your participant’s personal beliefs in God (!!!)

The seeming ability to achieve all of the above and more is now possible without the need for hypnosis, stooges or instant stooges.

True Mysteries contains over two hours of priceless content including, as a bonus, Fraser Parker’s personal hands-off solution to the legendary Berglas Effect (Any Card At Any Number).

As well as the detailed instructional video content, you will also be granted access to the full, reformatted version of Fraser’s now impossible-to-find eBook (also called True Mysteries), which outlines and explains even more effects and applications.

If you have ever wanted to perform television-style mind control, True Mysteries is the perfect place to start.

Supercharge your mentalism today!


With great power comes great responsibility. Performer discretion is imperative when utilising the principles taught in this project; some of the effects may cause distress to some audiences.

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