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Anywhere Act

Posted by Jack Curtis on September 19, 2023

"I truly consider Marc to be a national treasure, and this release is jam-packed full of gems for the modern mentalist."

Michael Murray

"An excellent example of finding creative inspiration through self-imposed restrictions. With nothing more than a stack of index cards and a handful of markers, Marc has developed solid approaches to many of mentalism's classic plots. True to form, these routines embody the hallmarks of Marc’s work: intelligent structuring and layering of methods, rock-solid techniques, and lots of audience involvement. This is a wonderful resource for performers at any stage of their journey."

Drew Backenstoss

"It is always a great privilege to learn from Marc and listen to everything he shares. Highly recommended."

Lior Manor

"Marc's performances are always exciting and engaging, and his thinking and creativity are absolutely wonderful. The lack of props required for The Anywhere Act makes you appear to be so very, very real. Excellent work, Marc."

Thom Bleasdale

"If you are looking for a full mentalism act that you can perform anywhere, look no further! This is a must that every mentalist should learn. An absolute gem!"

Luca Volpe

"When Marc Paul releases material it should be studied. It's been tested, performed and approved by real audiences. Pay attention. You won't be disappointed."

Doc Docherty