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Posted by Jack Curtis on October 26, 2023

"That's extremely clever! This isn't just a PIN code reveal, it's a multi phase PIN code routine."

John Morton

"KODA is clever, extremely practical and hits like a hammer! A brilliant and logical PIN code effect that I'm itching to perform"

Lloyd Barnes

"This is such a smart idea for a ‘low tech’ pin divination. I know I’ll be adding this into my toolkit and I know as soon as it’s released, mentalists will be adding this into their repertoires all over the world!"

Joe Diamond

"David is after creating an incredible utility for both Magicians and Mentalists. Pick this up now and thank me later!"

Steve Spade

"A very nice take on a classic which opens many possibilities. Bravo, David"

Luca Volpe

"If you want a hard hitting sure fire pin divination that gets great reactions then learn this from David ASAP!"

Fraser Parker