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Posted by Jack Curtis on July 13, 2023

"This has instantly replaced my old, non-magic EDC pouch. Purpose built for us magic folk. I love it!"

Steve Dela

"This is the perfect tool to store a full close-up set (and it does even more). Once you will get it you will never leave home without it!"

Luca Volpe

The style, material and build quality of Maverick is really impressive! Mine's already taken flight.

Chris Rawlins

"Pocket space is a premium for any working magician. With Maverick I am able to carry a full close-up set with me at all times. Sleek enough to sit in my pocket and durable enough to be thrown in my kit bag. I cant recommend Maverick enough."

Alan Rorrison

"This is exactly what I needed! I can load up this puppy with essentials and just chuck it in my bag and walk/drive/fly anywhere and be ready to perform miracles. The fact it has some sneaky elements too means I'm always ready"

Alexander Marsh