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Posted by Jack Curtis on April 09, 2024

"Beautifully simple, and very deceptive!"

Andy Nyman

"A non-electronic colour match with unlimited uses and applications!"

Harry De Cruz

"Simon Lipkin, you bloody b*stard. I love this. Ffs."

Tom Brace

"Easy to do, lots of applications, commercial, nothing to go wrong and instantly resets. This is absolutely genius and the perfect mentalism EDC!"

Craig Petty

"This is fantastic. Nobody needs more gadgets and this is a perfect, practical solution to a great plot."

Noel Qualter

"Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes simple is surefire. Sometimes simple is easy. Tricolour is all three. A no-brainer purchase."

Angelo Carbone

"A solid method, reliable gimmicks and smart routining."

Christian Grace