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Alexander Marsh

Off Stage

Off stage? No problem. Secure your reputation as a master of the mind.
Based on reviews Includes: Two hour video tutorial

"Can you show us something?"

This question used to put the fear of God into Alexander Marsh because he makes his living as a stage mentalist and rarely performs in close-up situations.

But not anymore!

In this two-hour masterclass, Alex shares his brand-new, cutting-edge, close-up secrets: five killer mentalism routines specifically designed for casual environments. Each close-up effect packs as much POWER as the stage demonstrations in his touring show.

You will learn:

Paperback Reader: A completely impromptu book test; free of forces, anagrams and awkward handling. It's logical, very easy to do and the book can be borrowed there-and-then without requiring any sneaky setup whatsoever.

Memories: Reveal SPECIFIC details about two participants’ separate childhood memories. They never write anything down; all they do is think and confirm. The memories really are theirs and it really is that clean!

Subconscious Currency: The latest iteration of Alex's highly acclaimed Subconscious Switch. This impressive Serial Number Divination is cram-packed with psychological subtleties that make each element of this routine beautifully justified.

Spin The Bottle: Uncover whose first crush belongs to whom in an alternative game of Spin the Bottle. This fun, interactive routine culminates in a charming revelation that will cement you as the world’s greatest dinner party guest.

Charades: Three spectators are asked to think of a movie, a book and a song. A classic game of Charades ensues, and you are able to showcase your inexplicable abilities by consistently winning the game under impossible circumstances (perfect for friends and family at Christmas).

♣ ♥ ♠ ♦

This comprehensive and engaging digital download will give you an entire close-up show that works out of your pockets. Each effect is versatile, creative, and involves no difficult moves, making them perfect for audiences of any size. From one-on-one settings to larger gatherings.

Off stage? No problem. Secure your reputation as a master of the mind.

Alexander Marsh
About the teacher

Alexander Marsh

Alexander Marsh is a British mentalist who has toured extensively across the world with the ensemble illusion show Champions of Magic. He has made frequent television appearances including NBC's Access Hollywood, ITV's Good Morning Britain, and BBC's Blue Peter.

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