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Simon Lipkin


A trilogy of powerful, practical, entertaining mentalism
Based on reviews Includes: Video tuition and supplementary PDF
This tutorial is rated as a level 3 out of 5 (with 5 being the hardest)
Difficulty: Some experience necessary
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Trifecta is a trilogy of powerful, practical mentalism for close-up and parlour performances.

Simon Lipkin is a professional actor with a love for mentalism. He thinks deeply about the powers he presents to create believable and personable performance pieces with entertainment at their core. In this hour-long tutorial, Simon is going to share with you three of his easy-to-do, high-impact, signature mentalism effects.

Word Heist

A word is freely chosen from a pocket dictionary and written on the back of a business card. A special gimmick (which can be made in under five seconds) will deliver the information directly into your line of sight in a devious-yet-justified manner. This is the cheekiest book test we've ever seen!

Post It Prediction

Do psychic powers exist? Or is it all just coincidence? These questions are explored and left unsolved, until a folded up Post It note is removed from an envelope, correctly predicting a piece of information the performer couldn't possibly have known! This is a clever, close-up prediction system that allows you to predict almost anything.

Many Happy Returns

Have you ever forgotten someone's birthday? Of course you have (and it sucks). In Many Happy Returns you proudly assert that you no longer forget anyone’s birthday because you have memorised the birthdays of everyone you know (over 50)! After you successfully prove this claim, you take it one step further and correctly divine the exact birthday of your spectator! This routine, despite its premise, requires no memory work, no special stacks and no cribs. Everything is completely examinable and justified, and it instantly resets. This effect alone is worth the price of the download and the reactions it receives are insane.

Simon Lipkin is fast becoming one to watch in the magic and mentalism space. We have more projects with him coming out in the near future so grab Trifecta today to experience your first slice of his wacky-and-wonderful mind.

Simon Lipkin
About the teacher

Simon Lipkin

A professional actor on the West End of London, Simon Lipkin thinks deeply about the powers he presents to create believable and personable performance pieces with entertainment at their core.

Customer Reviews
Industry Endorsements

"Simon is one of the most imaginative creators around. His ideas are always fooling, entertaining, and above all else, extremely usable. This is engaging, entertaining mentalism at its very best!"

Spooky Nyman

"Many Happy Returns is a devious routine and cheeky method that will have you looking like a Savant from the get go."

Alan Rorrison

"Hard-hitting yet fun. This is how mentalism should be presented."

Tom Brace

"Simon's hitting the industry hard with some incredibly fresh, workable magic! When you see Simon's name on an effect, don’t even think about it, just press the buy button! Your audiences will thank you for it."

Jamie Daws

"What I love about Simon's routines is that they make the full experience very personal to the spectator and the methodology is all perfectly justified. Bravo."

Luca Volpe

"Simon is a machine. He produces seemingly endless creative, fun and very commercial magic and mentalism. He's probably created a new great trick in the time it took you to read this."

Noel Qualter