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Difficulty Levels Explained

1. Self Working

Self working magic tricks are tricks that just work! They require no sleight of hand whatsoever. They are absolutely perfect for beginners. Desipite being super easy, we still recommend practising them in private first to perfect your patter and presentation.

2. Easy to Learn

These tricks are also beginner friendly, but there will most likely be a few sneaky (but fairly easy) moves to rehearse and remember before the trick is ready to be performed. Unlike self working tricks, these will require a little more confidence, but we believe in you!

3. Some Experience Necessary

Products in this category aren't difficult to do, but they will require some basic knowledge of the craft. If you know what a false cut is and can do a double lift, you've probably got what it takes to get value from these tricks. If you have no idea what any of that just meant, don't worry, you will after watching our beginners masterclass (coming soon).

4. Dedication Required

We always recommend practising your magic, even for self working tricks. But these tricks will require more than the average. Products that require some more advanced coin or card manipulations will probably fall into this category. Or tricks that need you to memorise a lot of information.

5. Serious Dedication Required

You're a serious magician if you're venturing into these realms. But it's true what they say; dicipline is rarely enjoyable but it is ALWAYS profitable. And boy, will you will reap the rewards. We salute you!