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Orphic is the ULTIMATE inconspicuous every-day carry wallet for the modern mentalist and magician.

Peek, switch and load like a boss!

Designed by Lewis Le’Val and crafted in real leather, Orphic takes classic hidden wallet functions and re-engineers them in ways NEVER seen before in a magicians’ wallet.

What’s more, there are NO moving parts to break or go wrong. Orphic is as simple (yet genius) as it gets.

Hidden inside is:

1) The most psychologically deceptive peek EVER applied to a wallet.

When Lewis first shared his design with the wallet makers, they initially said it couldn’t be done.

2) A bold yet stunningly simple switch.

If it fits in the wallet, you can switch it (and there are no extra flaps)

3) A super-simple secret loading chamber.

For predictions, revelations and even signed playing cards (Orphic Plus).

Orphic ships with exclusive access to a MAMMOTH instructional video series packed with over three and a half hours (!!!) of killer material for both mentalists and magicians.

From the creator, you will learn:

  • Not one, but FIVE invisible peeking methods.
  • Two insanely powerful drawing duplication presentations
  • Probably the EASIEST serial number divination in the world

From magician Craig Petty, you will learn:

  • The CLEANEST card to wallet in existence (WITHOUT palming!)
  • A NAMED card to wallet
  • A diabolically baffling card-under-wallet routine with a jaw-dropping finalé

And SO much more!

Orphic comes in two sizes: Orphic and Orphic Plus. Both have identical features and pockets. The ONLY difference is Orphic Plus is 1cm wider which is designed specifically for the Card to Wallet

Select your preferred size now and begin performing miracles IMPOSSIBLE to achieve with ANY other wallet on the market!

Watch Craig Petty’s NO-PALM Card to Wallet

Orphic: 115x80mm
Orphic Plus: 115x90mm


3 reviews for Orphic Wallet – Lewis Le’Val

  1. Mike Fuller (verified owner)

    This modern style wallet is made in high quality real black leather and is great value. Inside there is a window for your credit card sized driving license or a photo card together with two good sized full height pockets for cash, cards and billets.
    Outside the three credit card slot arrangement allows for a Himber like switch with one slot that accesses the devious peek. Like in a traditional Himber, duplicate cards on each “side” will help you disguise the fact that two different “compartments” are involved.

    The peek is disarming and the extensive set of instructional videos give a range of ways to glimpse this. Having a photo card inside the window compartment makes the peek seem impossible so do put your ID there!

    It will be interesting to see how the wallet holds up under everyday use as this is definitely not a wallet for the bottom drawer but one for everyday use. If you carry a lot of bank cards you may need to pare down the number you carry. Apps like Google Pay however allow you to hold most of your loyalty cards without the plastic and it is possible to hold all your Visa and Mastercards on a single Curve debit card. https://www.curve.com/en-gb/ (Available in the UK and coming soon to the US – waiting list at https://www.curve.com/usa/ ).

    The basic Orphic is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket yet hold all you need for the day. The wider Orphic Plus should make card to wallet easier but may not fit in a shirt pocket so well (but that’s not where you would keep it for CTW). I was concerned that the outer pockets of Orphic might not take the full length of a credit card but, with most new cards now coming without embossing, they do.

    Like many of you I have lots of wallets both magic and ordinary. This is definitely now my every day carry wallet and I can thoroughly recommend it for peeking and switching and everyday use. I can’t really comment on card to wallet. Just be careful to avoid card clash with contactless! If The 1914 produced this in matt carbon fibre with RFID blocking between the outermost pocket and the other contents that would make a fantastic wallet, perfect!

  2. Brian Jay (verified owner)

    Orphic wallet is areally great wallet, most magicians i have had a ton of wallets. Aftermany years in magic i would say this is the best practical workers wallet whether its ctw or peeks or switches i cant recommend this wallet enough, this is straight into my repertoire. Thank you 1914 and lewis

  3. Ace Spader (verified owner)

    This wallet is light years ahead from other wallets it’s just unbelievable simple yet so deceptive, I believe most of us agrees!

    I want to tell you, how amazing The 1914 is at finding solutions, not seen from any other company.
    I’m right now living in Nicaragua doing and teaching magic and mentalism and it’s almost impossible to get packages here or very unsecure, but I have a friend coming from the state who offered to take some things with him to Nicaragua for me.
    I then contacted the 1914 because I was worried it couldn’t come before my friends travel and in no time they already found a solution to make sure it would come before he leaves.


    I can’t stress this enough, thank you!

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