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If you want to learn the secrets to creating impactful, deep and visceral experiences your spectators will remember forever, this project is for you!

Star of Discovery Channel’s Mind Control Freaks, Lewis Le’Val has carved an exciting career performing his unique brand of mystical mentalism all over the planet.

This project was born from Le’Val’s biggest frustration in mentalism; weak revelations. Countless methods and marketed products exist for mentalists to secretly acquire information from their spectators, but there’s barely any solid material in existence that successfully teaches performers what to do with this ammunition and how to effectively and powerfully reveal it.

“It’s not the information that counts, it’s what you do with it”

Revelations by Lewis Le’Val is the antidote. Watch your pre-existing mind reading effects elevate to levels that even seasoned pros fail to reach. Many of the ideas and principles Le’Val teaches are so simple and bold you’ll be left kicking yourself, asking why you never thought of them!

Revelations teaches effects and ideas that utilise curious props and intimate storytelling to create truly affecting demonstrations of modern mysticism.

They include:

  • Extracting information from the spectator’s mind visually, piece by piece while simultaneously invoking inexplicable feelings of energy transfer – the spectator literally FEELS information leaving their mind!
  • Divining a spectators innermost thoughts using quartz crystals that physically CHANGE colour in the spectator’s own hands!
  • Revealing the name of a spectator’s cherished family member, divined using a pendulum being held by the spectator that takes on a life of its own.
  • A revelation coupled with a simple yet devious method of making it appear that a spectator can sense your presence using nothing but their “third eye” (their physical eyes are completely shut)! Think Banachek’s PK touches without any literal touching of the participant at all!

The themes explored in Revelations are mystical in nature but can be easily adapted for the more scientific-style performers.

If that wasn’t enough, before learning any of the above, you will be taught one of the most powerful techniques in all of mentalism; Acidus Novus.

Acidus Novus is a peek taught with permission from its creator; the brilliant Millard Longman. Le’Val shares all of his personal developments on this neo-classic technique including in-depth never-before-published solutions to any hesitations you may have about performing it. For example, what happens if you can’t read the spectator’s handwriting? What if they fold the card wrong? What if they don’t write in the correct place? Le’Val has brilliant answers to all of these tentative questions in what we consider to be the most in-depth and comprehensive tuition on Acidus Novus ever recorded.

To ascertain whether this product is for you, simply ask yourself this:

Do you want your performances to be remembered as magic tricks? Or do you want them to be remembered as deep, meaningful and unforgettable *experiences*?

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This is a Game Changer. This will get you thinking in a totally different way

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14 reviews for Revelations – Lewis Le’Val

  1. Collin Phelan (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this new project Lewis has decided to share with our community. As someone that has a small collection of his other works, this is a fantastic gem to add to the collection! For sure this is a project I will be going back to as Lewis shares really insightful points of view that I believe every mind reader should reflect on and incorporate into their own work! Excited for the future of the 1914!

  2. Terry Tyson (verified owner)

    Le Val is much too young to bring this much maturity to his craft. He has proven himself to be a modern master, despite his age. I am truly impressed at the high level of guidance provided in this video. To begin with, Lewis explains and shares a peek that most mentalists will recognize but he teaches it so cleanly and clearly. I do not recall seeing this peek explained so well before. In addition, he shares nuances that truly make this peek exceptional. This portion of the video is worth the price paid.

    In the remaining time, Lewis gives solid, insightful and clever advice and ideas that will elevate any mentalist’s performance. “Mystic Touch” alone would be worth the price paid. Oh, and his work with the pendulum is so on point.

    I love that he focuses on the experience of the participants in mentalism. He wants to give them an experience they may feel on a visceral level, to turn their universe upside down and inside out, even for an instant. HE GETS IT and I admire him for it.

    I am very pleased with this purchase and look forward to see how this project continues to grow. Maintain course and speed, all.

  3. Nathan Lindley (verified owner)

    This is a must have for all performers!

    This is one of those products that really make you take a step back and look at how you actually reveal information.

    The video is well shot and ,Lewis shares great and valid points of performance. Each section is broken down for you, so its easy to digest.

    Lewis is by far one the greatest mentalist and thinkers of the modern age. Each time i speak with him or see a video performance, it is truly inspiring!

    Do not hesitate in this product, its a true investment.

  4. Charlie Nunn (verified owner)

    I knew that before I bought any more tricks or effects that I needed to make my current mentalism better and that is exactly why I bought this download before anything else in the store.

  5. Victor Atchley (verified owner)

    This was a gigantic eye opener. Even if you’re not interested in using the revelations he gives you (which I definitely am!) Just the way he opens your eyes and makes you think about the way you reveal information is well worth the price and something that will make you a better mentalist. Anyone who does any type of work with mentalism NEEDS THIS.

  6. David Sheehan (verified owner)

    I love this product! As is said in the trailer we do spend too much time on methods over revelations. You will 100% pick up something new here that will have a huge impact on your audience.

  7. Ace Spader (verified owner)

    What I like the most is the mentality you get from learning these different kinds of revelations!

    This is a game changer…
    Making the spectators thought visible, making them feel it leaving the mind, all this and a lot more.
    This gives me many new ideas!

    I love this ♠️

  8. Avi (verified owner)

    Wish I could give a 6th star. This lesson is an eye-opener for me. It will change the way I reveal information for sure. I love the peek subtleties taught in this. My favorite is the Third Eye! Thanks, Dee and Lewis for this lovely tutorial.

  9. Michael Ianneo (verified owner)

    This download was absolutely powerful and thought provoking. It really made me rethink my mind reading. This is absolutely worth the current price for download. Easily worth 3 times more in value of what was taught. It starts off detailing a really nice peek but as the video progressed it really dig deep into understanding the meaningful moment your creating with your participant. Everything you need to know after you get the peek. I learned so much. I would say if your advanced in mind reading then you should watch every moment to pick up on Le’Val’s nuggets and nuances. If your a beginner, you can learn and absorb the knowledge. So good. I shouldn’t say this because I want you to watch the entire video from beginning to end but I’ll say the last 10 minutes he taught with the great flood was worth the price of the video alone.

  10. Diego Ibars (verified owner)

    Le Val have such an interesting way of thinking about mentalism. There is so many great ideas in this project. “Mystic touch” alone is worth the price. Revelations will take your performances to another level. Beginner or not, you will definitly get something from this.

    Thanks for this eye opener product.

  11. Frankie Creyaufmiller (verified owner)

    Where do I start ? Had this for awhile and watched this over and over and still can’t get enough. It’s more then routines which may or may not fit your style. It’s how not to fall into the same boring reveal every Mentalist gives. You know we’re all guilty of this. The 1914 set out to make better Preformers and they definitely got something here to help. Take what you learned here and not just for mentalism but also magic as well. Keep them coming Lewis, you made me a fan.

  12. Matthew Swanson (verified owner)

    This is my first true exposure to the magic of Lewis Le’Val — I know his work with Tarot and some of his philosophy on magic, but I never have seen him teach quite the way he does in ‘Revelations’. He is well spoken and delivers fantastic ideas and performances — All of which deserve to be explored and expanded upon. He was vulnerable in his teachings in a way that I don’t see as much from others.

    I truly enjoyed every bit of advice and performance shared in this download and I cant wait to apply and try all of what I have learned this evening (as of writing this review, I just finished watching the full download)

    Lewis brings Authenticity to “Deception” in Revelations.

  13. Matthew Nesbit (verified owner)

    Look, everyone else has already said it. This project is a diamond in the rough of performance theory for mentalism. Yeah, he teaches Acidus Novus, so what? There are hundreds of peeks. If you want to really look at your performances and put the work in to make your craft unique the Theory and performance pieces Lewis offers in this are truly special. Put in the work, allow your style to be challenged and listen to the ideas presented here.

  14. Jethro Poralan (verified owner)

    Truly incredible. This is gonna change the Mentalism game.

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