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100x Premium Quality Billets

Billets; plain slips of paper; blank business cards. Call them what you will, they're a staple of classic mentalism. Many legends built their entire reputations using little more.

For modern-day billet workers, many settle for stacks of small cards available to buy from stationery supply stores.

But there's a problem.

They're clunky, difficult to separate and rarely spread elegantly between the fingertips. Sure, you can make them spread better by laboriously separating each card in advance, or by applying fanning powder to each and every card. But wouldn't it be so much nicer if you didn't have to?

That's why we created The 1914 Billet Pack; One hundred, premium-quality billets that are as smooth as brand new Bicycle cards.

Think double-blank playing cards without the rounded corners and slimmer in width so they actually fit in your wallet. (You'd be amazed how many peek wallets don't even fit poker size cards!)

There are so many amazing mentalism effects that require the spreading or mixing a stack of billets and now you can perform them easier than ever before. Gone are the days where your cards clump together, and most importantly, gone are the days your spectators struggle to handle them.

Buy your new, premium billets today, ready for your miracles tomorrow.

Dimensions: 55mm x 87mm (305 GSM)