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Limited edition Hofzinser ESP cards (UK/EU Only)

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NOTICE: Due to the very limited run and the warehouse location, this product is only available to customers in the UK/EU (apologies to our international market).

A century-old illusion applied to ESP cards to create the perfect fusion of magic and mentalism.

Each Hofzinser ESP card has been hand-crafted by master magician and gaff maker Jeremy Hanrahan. When Jeremy approached us with an ESP routine based on this coveted secret, we knew it would be something special. With our developments, it has become a masterpiece of modern mental magic.

This is a VERY limited release. There are less than 100 sets available!

A spectator chooses one of five ESP symbols. The face of every card curiously and interactively vanishes, except for their selection!

You will receive:

  • 5x Hofzinser ESP cards (four with blank faces and one with a symbol)
  • 5x regular ESP cards
  • Online video instructions

The only "moves" required are elementary card techniques (taught in the instructions for those new to magic); the beautiful gimmicks will do the rest.

The routine you will learn has a mentalism theme, but a magical finale to perfectly bridge the gap between the two arts. The routine is wrapped up neatly in an emotive and justified story about how you successfully fooled scientists into believing you had real psychic powers.

Perfect for close-up and perfect for parlour.

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