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Paul Fowler


Based on reviews Includes: Gimmicked credit cards and detailed tuition
This tutorial is rated as a level 3 out of 5 (with 5 being the hardest)
Difficulty: Some experience necessary
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They say crime doesn't pay, but whoever said that didn't own Overdraft.

Overdraft is a set of precision engineered gimmicks that give you the power to perform EXPLOSIVE feats of magic and mentalism.

Meet your new everyday carry.

Overdraft's reactions are WILD; watch the trailer to see how you can blow people away (and it's very easy to do).

Paul Fowler is a working pro; he performs Overdraft in the real world for real, paying audiences. This means you can be confident that each and every routine that you will learn has been tried, tested and perfected. But it doesn't stop there; master mentalist Lewis Le Val will teach you even more invaluable routines and ideas for both mentalists and magicians alike.

Click here to see Lewis's mentalism applications.

You will learn how to make a banknote appear from between two credit cards, and later in the tutorial, you will learn how to produce an entire wad of cash! (Works with all currencies and denominations.)

You will learn how to make two credit cards switch places under seemingly impossible conditions. (Think the classic two-card transposition but with credit cards.)

You will learn how to visually "clone" a credit card, directly in front of your spectators' eyes. (Breathtaking pickpocket-themed magic.)

You will learn how to repeatedly predict which credit card will be chosen, long in advance. (Influence or empower your spectator.)

And you will learn how to apparently control your spectator's memory and prove it afterwards with a photograph taken on your spectator's mobile phone! (Possibly the freakiest effect on the project.)

All of these effects, and more, will fit inside a SINGLE slot in your wallet meaning you will ALWAYS have impossible, reputation-making demonstrations to perform at ANY opportunity without using any extra pocket space.

Each credit card is manufactured to the impeccable standards The 1914 is known for. Typically, gimmicked credit cards cannot be scrutinised by spectators because they don't contain real chips. But these do. In fact, the cards look so realistic, our original shipment was seized by port authorities because it was flagged as potential mass credit card fraud! (But fear not, yours will arrive without a hiccup and are 100% legal to perform magic with.)

Whether you are a magician, pickpocket or mentalist, Overdraft is a tool you will carry with you always.

Outstanding quality. Detailed tuition. Mind blowing magic.

This is Overdraft.

Paul Fowler
About the teacher

Paul Fowler

An award-winning professional magician, specialising in sleight of hand, hypnosis and mind reading.

Customer Reviews
Industry Endorsements

"I love this trick! It reminds me of the thief-style magic from Now You See Me"

Andrew Basso (The Illusionists, Britain's Got Talent)

"An alternative to colour changing knives that makes much more sense. A great gimmick that takes up no pocket space and leaves audiences amazed"

Damien O'Brien (Britain's Got Talent)

"Overdraft went straight into my wallet. My mind is bubbling with routine ideas"

Alan Rorrison (TV magic consultant)