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Simon Lipkin


Simon Lipkin's infectious humour and out-of-the-box ideas will keep you entertained from start to finish.
Based on reviews Includes: More than two hours of tutorial videos and PDF print files
This tutorial is rated as a level 3 out of 5 (with 5 being the hardest)
Difficulty: Some experience necessary
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Simon Lipkin makes a Tri-umphant return to The 1914 Studio (with longer hair) to share more of his unique and quirky brand of entertaining mentalism. Last year we proudly brought you Simon's debut download Tri-fecta. Everyone loved it except for Simon's mum. So this year, he's going to Tri-harder.

You will learn:

Key Decisions

Simon's rendition of the Seven Keys to Baldpate. A spectator's wedding ring is padlocked shut and multiple keys are introduced. Will they be able to intuit the key that opens the lock to free their ring? Of course they will! With only a few inexpensive items, you'll be able to perform this classic effect, underpinned by a very cheeky secret that utilises a prop you probably already own.

Music to My Ears

A brilliant book test with a diabolically bold method that will leave you feeling as smug as a fox in a henhouse. Your participant fairly chooses one of many song lyric books, when your back is turned they open to a freely-thought-of page number and study the song on that page. Despite the procedure appearing SO fair, you know EXACTLY what song they're looking at!

The song books are authentic, there are no forces involved, there are no duplicate books and there is no complicated memory work required. The scope for entertaining revelations far exceeds any traditional book test; you can hum the tune, reveal the title, divine the artist and even sing the lyrics! It's devious, easy to perform, and above all, extremely entertaining. A book test gem.

Set The Bar

We love a clever marking system here at The 1914 and this one delivers! Armed with this secret utility knowledge you'll be able to perform countless classic mentalism effects. To kickstart your creativity, Simon will teach you an impressive Credit Card Smash followed by a celebrity Living and Dead routine. The marking system seamlessly integrates into your performances, remaining hidden in plain sight, ready to be applied directly under your spectators' noses.

Seasonal Signs

Not only will you be able to divine your spectator's star sign, you'll be able to reveal the EXACT date they were born. Seasonal Signs is Simon's take on the coveted Star Sign Reveal which will leave your spectator’s jaw on the floor (they even get to keep a souvenir of the experience). You can easily print your own artwork with the supplied PDF files. This effect KILLS. Watch to the end of the video trailer to see for yourself.

♣ ♥ ♠ ♦

Simon Lipkin's infectious humour and out-of-the-box ideas will keep you entertained from start to finish. Enhanced by Simon's comedic energy, each lesson is as amusing as it is enlightening. Join us inside today for a creative journey of hard-hitting, real-world, imaginative mentalism.

Simon Lipkin
About the teacher

Simon Lipkin

A professional actor on the West End of London, Simon Lipkin thinks deeply about the powers he presents to create believable and personable performance pieces with entertainment at their core.

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